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Battalion Four Handles Gas Leak with Fire

Capt A. Borroto
Palm Beach County, Florida
February 27th , 2013
On Saturday February 16, 2013 at 2:45pm units from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Battalion Four and Special Operations 34 responded to reports of a gas leak on the 5700 block of Mels Way. First arriving Engine Company stated they had active fire from the back corner of the yard where an underground gas line had been cut accidentally by a worker. Flames were coming from the 4 foot deep hole and threatening the fence and a children’s play set nearby. At one point several homes near the incident were evacuated for safety concerns while the special operations team entered to secure the severed line and stop the leak. Once the gas company arrived the scene was turned over to them for repair of the line. One patient was transported from this incident to the hospital with minor burns.
Units on this incident included: E35, E34, E43, E46, R43, R34, R35, R451, CP3, DC3, CP9, DC9, and SO34


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