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Palm Beach County Youth Leadership Group Visits PBCFR Headquarters

Capt. A. Borroto
Palm Beach County, Florida
February 12th , 2013

On February 7, 2013 a Palm Beach County Youth Leadership Group visited Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Headquarters for a tour. This group of future leaders was greeted by Fire Chief Steve Jerauld and his senior staff who showed them the different departments within Fire Rescue. They were able to Speak with Deputy Chief Tolbert about the Logistics of making the department function; Deputy Chief Collins about the importance of the Bureau of Safety Services and Division Chief Blockson spoke on the importance of fire safety. The group was also taken up to the training hill where they were able to witness a controlled fire in the burn building and one lucky student was able to wear the Chief's firefighting gear.
The group had a fun afternoon with the leadership of Fire Rescue and in the process learned about how the organization operates.


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