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Rollover Accident in Batt 4 with Challenging Extrication

Capt A Borroto
Palm Beach County, Florida
February 11th , 2013

Units from Battalion Four responded to a reported rollover accident during the early afternoon on Friday February 8, 2013 at Pipers Glen Blvd and South Jog Rd. On arrival the crews discovered a vehicle that was on its wheels but had apparently rolled over and still had two occupants trapped inside. Crews had to cut the vehicle away from around the occupants to get them out, including cutting the roof off the vehicle. Once out both occupants were taken to the trauma center by rescue crews. Incidents such as this highlight the specialized training Fire Rescue crews must maintain to perform their job when called to respond.
Crews on this incident included: E41, R41, R411, CP4, DC5


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