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Car in Canal Incident in Belle Glade

Capt H. Park/ Lt Escobar
Palm Beach County, Florida
February 11th , 2013

Station 72, 34 and PBSO responded for a car in a canal off of Muck City road. The first arriving PBSO deputy jumped into the murky canal and successfully recovered the driver of the vehicle and pulled the driver to the canal bank. Station 72 personnel arrived on scene and sent their driver into the canal in dive level I gear for an additional search. E34 arrived and supported station 72 by deploying a diver in level II gear for a complete search of the vehicle, followed by a parallel search along the canal from the point of entry to the vehicle.
Gross decontamination was provided by E72 for all of the personnel that made entry into the water. PBSO provided gator patrol while divers searched the scene.


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