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Resident and Pets Rescued From Fire in Western Boynton Beach
Capt A. Borroto. Posted on December 7th , 2012

On Sunday 12/2/2012 at 5:41am Battalion 4 units were called to the 9000 block of Sedgewood Dr with reports of smoke coming from the front door and windows of a residence. First arriving crews reported smoke from the door and front window of a single family residence and one pt outside. The pt reported to crews that his wife was in the upstairs bedroom and several family pets were also inside the home. Fire crews immediately placed a ladder to the second floor bedroom window and entered the home to search for the person. They quickly located the wife and were able to bring her out the same window to safety. Both pts were transported to Wellington for treatment.
Crews were also able to locate 4 family pets (rabbits) and bring them out to safety. One rabbit was administered oxygen using one of our donated PET masks.
The cause of this fire is currently under investigation.

Early Morning Structure Fire in Abandoned Home in Suburban Palm Beach County
Capt A. Borroto/ Photos Capt L Forshner. Posted on December 6th , 2012

During the early morning hour of 6:30 am on December 5, 2012 units from Battalion 3 were called for a residential structure fire on the 3800 block of Lakewood Rd in suburban Palm Beach County. The call was received from a neighbor saying that the home next door had flames coming from the windows and roof.
On arrival units discovered a triplex that had flames and smoke showing from the windows and doors. Neighbors stated that the building was an unoccupied structure but that there may be some people staying inside at night to be out of the weather.
Crews made an aggressive attack and quickly brought the fire under control while other crews searched the occupancy for any patients that may be inside. The primary and secondary searches of the building revealed that it was unoccupied.
The cause of this fire is under investigation.
Units on this fire included:R31, E31, R39, E39, CP3, DC3, E93,TRAIN8,OPS2, DC10,IV1, PI1

Residential Structure Fire in Lake Worth Displaces Family
Capt. A. Borroto. Posted on December 6th , 2012

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Battalion 3 units were dispatched to reports of a fire on the 1000 block of South K Street in Lake Worth at 1:41pm.
First arriving engine reported that they had flames and smoke coming from the front of the home. The occupants had all gotten out of the home on our arrival. Crews made an aggressive attack on the fire and quickly extinguished it. Three adults and one child have been displaced by this fire and the Red Cross has been called to assist them with housing. The cause of this fire is under investigation.

Confined Space Training Exercise
Capt H Park. Posted on December 6th , 2012

Special operations crew members from station 34 practiced some confined space rescue skills at the confined space training platform at headquarters. The confined space rescue practices follow the CFR 1910.146 and the NFPA 1670 guidance. In addition to the confined space standards, the technicians must also follow the applicable laws and standards pertaining to hazardous materials.

Confined space training is available through local fire colleges and private vendors. Special operations requires the technician level of training, to meet the needs of the department.

Two weeks ago station 20 and 34 worked together on a confined space rescue at the FPL plant out west. The rescue took one and a half hours and had a successful outcome. The call came in at 0300 hours as a fall,a fall within a confined space. The incident was complicated by a trauma alert and entrapment of the injured worker.

South County Fire Fest
Capt A. Borroto. Posted on December 3rd , 2012

The South County Fire Fest was a huge success with several thousand residents attending and being treated to see what their Fire Rescue department does for them in the community. In addition to the fire department there were also displays from PBSO, Department of Forestry, and FHP. Visitors were treated to presentations on extrication, advance life support, live burns and Trauma Hawk.

PBCFR Participates in Southeast Regional Domestic Security Task Force Training Exercise
Capt H. Park. Posted on November 29th , 2012

Palm Beach County Special Operations 34 assisted regional EOD assets from PBSO and BSO for a vehicle bomb involving a school bus. The class was intended for law enforcement crime scene investigators. Explosives were set off in a school bus with mock patients and various materials, the intent was to have the crime scene investigators then go down range and collect the evidence. Special operations stood by for RIT, fire suppression and rescue, the bus did catch fire post blast and was extinguished by E34's crew.

To view a YouTube video related to this story, please click here.

Early Evening Commercial Structure Fire in Belle Glade
Capt. A. Borroto/ Capt. S. Berkowitz. Posted on November 29th , 2012

At 5:43pm on November 18, 2012 PBCFR received a call for a structure fire at 27502 County Rd 880 in Belle Glade.
Responding crews from Battalion 7 reported a column of black smoke from several miles away and upon arrival found a metal shop that was fully engulfed in flames. The shop was approximately 100 feet by 50 feet and there were several exposures nearby that also needed protection from the fire.
Crews made an aggressive offensive attack on the main body of the fire while also protecting several barrels of pesticide and drums of fuel. Due to the remote location of this incident there were no hydrants to provide water and crews began drafting operations for a water supply. Fire crews had to utilize K-12 saws to cut access into the structure to begin firefighting operations using 2 1/2 ” and 1 3/4” attack lines.
Overhaul operations after extinguishing the fire was extensive and included placing some leaking containers into drums.
The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Units on this incident included: DC7, CAPT7, E73, Q73, R73, R731, E74, E72, R72, TENDER 72, OPS2, DC9, CAPT9, P29, E34, E20, E32, TENDER21, SO34, TACTICAL 34, R19, R300, L/A34, PI1, IV5

Tours of Engine 25 Highlight New Restaurant Grand Opening Celebrations in Wellington
Capt. J. Ackerman. Posted on November 29th , 2012

Engine 25, C shift, recently participated in Grand Opening Celebrations of a new McDonald’s restaurant in Wellington. Participation in events such as this offer a great opportunity for local stations to meet and show support for the communities they serve and protect.
Captain J. Ackerman, Driver Operator B. Johnson and Firefighter/Paramedic J. Hughes spent several hours offering tours of Engine 25 and answering questions from the community. This event offered an invaluable opportunity for the local community to learn more about their Fire Rescue department.

Firefighters Team with Habitat For Humanity to help build 36 homes
T. Cardosa. Posted on November 27th , 2012

Firefighters from Battalion 3 are volunteering their time to fix up the neighborhoods they work in. Habitat for Humanity has asked for help completing the task of building a large number of homes in the Lake Worth area in a limited amount of time. They have to finish by the end of January to keep their Federal grant money for the project, so they need hands... lots of them!

Our Firefighters from different stations in Battalion 3 are taking on the challenge, starting a "Work Wednesdays" program where the firefighters who are getting off shift each Wednesday morning will donate some of their time to help put these homes up, bettering the area around them. It's amazing how fast a home can be built when people work together!

Community Assistance Team Coordinator Selected by NFPA to Attend National Training Conference
Capt A Borroto. Posted on November 26th , 2012

On December 2-4, 2012 Palm Beach County Fire Rescue’s Community Assistance Team Coordinator will be participating in a National Training Conference dedicated to Remembering When: A Fire and Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults developed by the National Fire Protection Association.
Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and The Division of Senior Services were awarded scholarships to be able to participate in this conference. The NFPA selected two member teams from 37 communities across the United States and Canada to participate. Teams are comprised of one fire department member partnered with an individual from an agency within the community that serves older adults through home visits.
Following this training, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue will conduct a minimum of five group presentations and at least two train-the-trainer sessions for the Division of Senior Services. The Division of Senior Services will integrate materials from the Remembering When program into its outreach through home visits.
Programs such as Remembering When are a way for the department to help reduce fire and fall injuries and deaths among older adults.
Congratulations to Carrie Craig on being selected by the NFPA to attend this program.

Rollover Accident in Belle Glade with Trauma Alert
District Captain Craig Prusansky. Posted on November 26th , 2012

On Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at approximately 3:00 pm units from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Station 73 responded to a pickup truck vs. transit bus crash in downtown Belle Glade. The occupants of the pickup were trapped in the truck and had to be extricated using the “Jaws of Life.” One of the occupants was flown to the trauma center, but the other occupant and one of the riders on the bus were both taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

The crash is under investigation by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

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