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Aircraft Accident RescueAircraft Accident Rescue
Story and photos submitted by Battalion Chief Chuck Lupo. Posted on August 1st , 2011
A light aircraft landed in Lake Okeechobee yesterday after experiencing engine problems.  An instructor and student pilot took off from Pahokee airport around lunchtime and started having engine issues.  They attempted to turn around and head back to the airport but couldn't make it.  The plane flipped over on contact with the water.  Both individuals were able to get out of the plane and stay with the aircraft until our PBCFR airboat brought them to shore.  Only one person had minor injuries.    Hugo Matos operated the airboat.
Captain George Springthorpe Receives Invitation
Story and photo submitted by Captain Don Delucia, PIO. Posted on July 28th , 2011
Capt. George Springthorpe recently received an invitation to commencement at University of South Florida from Miss Marie Joy Cimirro who is graduating with a Bachelor's degree in psychology.  A nicely written note inside written by Marie's mom read: "George - this is who you delivered on 12/14/88."  George related the story of the old Royal Palm days and of the call that he EMT Mickey Ezell (now Capt.) and Lt. Bill Morris (now Capt.) assisted with the delivery of Marie and the care of her mother who required a rapid transport to St. Mary's due to post-delivery complications.
The invitation was certainly a nice surprise not to mention,a powerful reminder of the lasting impact we can have on the people we serve!  Congratulations to Captains Springthorpe, Ezell and Morris for their excellent work almost 23 years ago!
Volunteer Battalion Receives DonationVolunteer Battalion Receives Donation
Story and photos submitted by Volunteer Battalion Chief Kevin Rattey. Posted on July 28th , 2011

This month, the Volunteer Battalion received a generous donation of an emergency rescue skid for their Polaris UTV. The skid was donated by the members of the Community Assistance and Benefit Corp. (CAB Corp.)  CAB Corp. is a totally volunteer organization that endeavors to support essential community services in western Palm Beach County, Florida. CAB Corp. provides assistance and raises funds for the benefit of public service organizations such as fire/rescue stations in Palm Beach County Battalion #4.

The rescue skid was custom built for the Polaris and designed for rough terrain and for use in all-weather situations. Made of aluminum, it is rugged and rust proof. This emergency rescue skid unit is designed to install in minutes.  The Volunteer Battalion is very grateful to the members of CAB Corp. and is pleased to have this additional resource to support our mission of providing supplemental apparatus and personnel as required by PBCFR. 

Commissioner Abrams Press ConferenceCommissioner Abrams Press Conference
Story and photos submitted by Capt. Don Delucia, PIO. Posted on July 22nd , 2011
A press conference was held today in Boca Raton at the site of the gas leak that occurred a few weeks ago.  The management company and Commissioner Steve Abrams wanted to honor Fire Rescue, PBSO and the building department for their outstanding work and patience on the multi-day incident.  On the day of the call, a small fire in the kitchen of Sweet Tomatoes turned out to be a fire fed by leaking propane gas from an old underground 500 gallon tank.  It took almost three days for the leak to stop and the tank to be removed. 
Multi-Vehicle Crash on Okeechobee BlvdMulti-Vehicle Crash on Okeechobee Blvd
Story submitted by Capt. Don Delucia, PIO, photos submitted by Battalion Chief Nigel Baker. Posted on July 12th , 2011
Last Friday evening around 7:30 (7/8) units responded to a multi-car pile-up on Okeechobee Bl near Vista Parkway.  Initially, it appeared they had a mass casualty incident with upwards of six patients.  It ended up with only two patients going to the hospital,  No trauma alerts were called. 
Van Into CondoVan Into Condo
Story and photos submitted by Captain Don Delucia, PIO. Posted on July 12th , 2011
Around 11 am on Friday, July July 8th, a gentleman that was backing his van into a parking spot at 3593 Birdie Dr in suburban Lake Worth had a slight accident.  His foot slipped off the brake and hit the accelerator, careening the van into the wall of the condo building.  It literally smashed into the bathroom of the condo apartment that he hit.  Luckily the driver was uninjured and the residents of the wrecked apartment were up North.  A large waterflow was eventually stopped and crews on scene began removing throw rugs, elevating furniture and did their best to remove as much water as they could before leaving. 
Lantana Event
Story and photos submitted by District Chief Billy Schmidt. Posted on July 7th , 2011
On Saturday, July 2, 2011, the Town of Lantana held their 90th Aniversary Celebration. Station 37 participated by performing a simulated extrication on a junk car. Assisting the crews were two Explorers and one of our Volunteers. E37: Captain Mike Walker, DO Don Whitfield, FF Kevin Killoran, Lt Scott Labadie, FF Lee Bronco, FF David Cooper, Explorers Scott Labadie, Jr and Andrew McCormick, and PBCFR Volunteer Michael McKehan.
VIP Day at the MDAVIP Day at the MDA
Story by Firefighter/Paramedic Troy Dichard, photos by Brandy Miller - MDA Representative. Posted on June 28th , 2011
On June 22, 2011 Palm Beach County Firefighters stopped by the annual Muscular Dystrophy Accociation summer camp held in western Lake Worth.  Both on and off duty personnel provided the kids and their families with a delicious BBQ lunch and brought out a couple fire trucks.  The kids, all of whom are afflicted by some form of neuromuscular disease, had the opportunity to spray water from a fire hose, while other firefighters demonstrated some tools and equipment carried on the apparatus. 
The week-long summer camp has been a tradition carried on for many years by the MDA.  It gives these children the opportunity to do things and participate in activities that they normally would not be able to do because of their disability.  They are also able to socialize and network with other kids their own age and with similar situations.  To many campers, this is the "highlight of their year!"  At camp, the kids are able to participate in numerous activities such as canoeing, horseback riding, swimming, games and contests, and much more!
Thanks to Stations 32 and 48 for spending time with the campers.  Also a big thank-you to the following personnel for helping out off duty: Capt. Justin Schainuck and his son, Capt. Jerry Baker (Ret), Lt. Gary Sands, DO Tom Clinger and his daughters, Dispatcher Artie Werkle, and FF Bruce Britt.
PBCFR helps out with the NFL Football Camp in Pahokee PBCFR helps out with the NFL Football Camp in Pahokee
Story by District Captain Craig Prusansk, photos by Battalion Chief Chuck Lupo . Posted on June 24th , 2011

On June 3 and 4 2011, the crew from Station 72 in Pahokee was asked to help out the City of Pahokee with their NFL High School Player Development Program camp.  The camp involved approximately 200 kids, as well as some professional football players from the NFL.  The crew from Station 72 was tasked to perform the cooking duties and District Chief Burroughs was asked to say a few words of encouragement to the crowd.

The kids had a great time and the City of Pahokee was grateful for the help. 

Youth Summit - Tri-City Stars Slam Dunk event in The GladesYouth Summit - Tri-City Stars Slam Dunk event in The Glades
Story and photos by District Captain Craig Prusansky . Posted on June 24th , 2011

PBCFR Station 72 A-Shift in Pahokee was asked to help out at the PBC Youth Summit/Tri-City Stars Slam Dunk event at the Pahokee Recreation Center on June 17, 2011.   This event involved 3-on-3 basketball tournaments, as well as presentations about topics such as gang violence, alcohol and drug abuse resistance education, HIV/STD screening and blood pressure checks.

The Station 72 crew and members of PBCFR Explorer Post 655 in The Glades came out to lend a hand.  In all, about 50 kids attended.  The crew helped out by cooking and serving lunch to everyone that attended this event.

Multi-Vehicle AccidentMulti-Vehicle Accident
Photos by Artie Werkle. Posted on June 16th , 2011
Station 21 and Special Ops 34 units worked a multi vehicle accident just West of Palms West Hospital the evening of June 8.  One patient was a trauma alert to Delray and another patient was taken to Palms West. 

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