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Carbon monoxide detectors save lives
Don DeLucia . Posted on November 29th , 2011

When you find out two families had a carbon monoxide incident within two week of one another and you also find out they both were saved by carbon monoxide alarms, that's a story you want to get out to the public. All three local television stations and the Palm Beach Post interviewed the two families who stated they were grateful to be alive thanks to their CO detectors (purchased after neighbors died from carbon monoxide poisoning). Both incidents were caused by cars left running in the garage, one of which had a push button ignition.

New Promotions
Don DeLucia. Posted on November 29th , 2011

Chief Jerauld recently presided over a promotional ceremony that was well attended by friends and families of our new officers. The group consisted of:

  • District Captain Jody Marlow
  • Capt. Steve Collins
  • Capt. Chris Devito
  • Capt. Eric Feierabend
  • Capt. Darla Leal
  • Staff Capt. Patrick Thume
  • Lt. Chris Berry
  • Lt. John Cruise
  • Lt. Michael Garcia
  • Lt. Chris Gass
  • Lt. Brian Iannitti
  • Lt. Michael Okrent
  • Lt. David Patino
  • Lt. Juan Saavedra
  • Lt. Adam Taft
Station 35 Hepls a Family for Thanksgiving
Capt. Longencker/RLT Duane Hodges. Posted on November 28th , 2011

Gentlemen please thank all members of your crews for their generous donation and contribution for the Davis family at 6355 Seminole circle. This family was truly a family in need and expressed their sincere appreciation for the kindness and compassion shown by crews at Station 35. Special recognition to RLT Hodges for organizing and spear heading this effort. The family was presented a full turkey dinner with all the fixings and drinks as well as an additional gift card for groceries in the future. Thanks to RLT Vomero the kids also recieved some small gifts as well,hula hoops , bouncing balls ,hair accessories etc.

We are currently exploring options to get them some additional social services help.

Thanks again ,great team effort by all

Happy Holidays
Captain Longencker
PBCFR Station 35 A shift

Camp Good Grief
Aaron Turner. Posted on November 28th , 2011

On the weekend of November 11th - 13th, PBCFR members Drew Reyburn, Ken Tamboe, Aaron Turner, & Ada Vought volunteered their weekend to be camp counselors at Camp Good Grief. Camp Good Grief is a bereavement camp for kids, ages 5 - 15. The camp is funded by Hospice by the Sea, Inc. Throughout the weekend the kids participate in various activities to help them through their grief process. Some of these therapeutic activities include music therapy, art therapy, and pet therapy. As camp counselors, we were assigned a group of kids for the weekend. Part of our duties included accompanying the kids to the various activities, meals, and spending fun time with them in the game room. The children that attend this camp have lost loved ones such as parents, siblings, grandparents, and care givers.
This is the second time that our firefighter brothers and sisters have participated in this camp. It is not only a great opportunity for us to give back, but it is a very rewarding experience as well. On the first night, the kids and volunteers were entertained by a magician and a DJ. During the magic show, Ken Tamboe and Aaron Turner were called up on stage to do a skit with a "crazy chicken". There was some really bad acting going on up there…Crying about a crazy chicken, Yelling about a crazy chicken, and dancing with a crazy rubber chicken. Everyone was laughing hysterically…except Ken and Aaron. Then Drew Reyburn was called up on stage to do a skit where he had to hold a "very heavy" invisible rock. Then he threw it…weird! All silliness aside, the weekend that we spend with these kids really makes an impact on them.
If you are interested in volunteering for the next camp, it will be taking place on March 30th, 31st, & April 1st. For those of you that have expressed an interest in volunteering in the past, but were not able to attend the previous camps, please get back with me as soon as possible so I can get you signed up. Remember, there are two background checks that you have to go through, and it takes a little bit of time for them to clear. This upcoming camp I would really like to have a stronger turnout of male volunteers to represent PBCFR. This camp usually seems to have a shortage of male volunteers, this usually means the boys cabins have a lot larger groups, which leads to less individual attention to the children. It's only for two nights. We get to camp on Friday about 3pm and leave on Sunday about 11am. Most of the work is done on Saturday, so it's really like only volunteering for one day!
Aaron Turner

Station 24 receives their prize
D DeLucia. Posted on November 22nd , 2011

Station 24 recently won the"Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" fund collecting competition and their price for winning was a full breakfast cooked at the station. Two representatives from the PBCFR Benevolent Fund, John Sluth and Jack Norris, cooked breakfast for C Shift as promised. The menu included scrambled eggs and ham, sausage, muffins and OJ. The cooking team did an outstanding job and everyone started their day with a full stomach. Special thanks went to Richard Cioffoletti who spearheaded the donation collecting which amounted to over $700.

Ed Kranski breaks another record
Ed Kranski. Posted on November 21st , 2011

This past Saturday, November 19th, I competed in the annual "Fight For Air Stair Climb" in dowtown West Palm Beach. The race started on the ground floor of The Phillips Point West Tower and finished on the top floor 444 steps later. It was put on by The American Lung Association, a cause near and dear to me since my aunt passed away from lung cancer 3 years ago and also personal to many of us firefighters with the very recent passing of DO Jim Howard.

Individuals or teams are able to enter this event and raise money for the cause by having donations pledged in their names. You are able to wear street clothes or enter in a separate division in full turn out gear with your SCBA! As you can probably imagine, I chose to race in full gear with my SCBA! I ended up setting a new record of 2:20, which was 8 seconds faster than my winning time last year and over a minute faster than 2nd place 3:23. It is incredibly painful to run these stairs at this rate, but it's nothing compared to what those that suffer from lung disease have to go through.
This event is a great way to show support for victims of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. I was the only competitor from our department. Next November, I will make sure that the word is spread as this event comes around and hopefully gather some more competitors. I hope you can all come out and support this cause! I have attached a link with some more information about the event as well as the winning results.

Captain Ed Kranski


For details of how all the participants placed, go to:  http://www.fleetfeetorlando.com/races/fight-for-air-palm-beach/2011/result_2011.html

South Bay Veteran's Day Parade
Story and photos submitted by District Captain Craig Prusansky. Posted on November 21st , 2011

Crews from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Station 74 participated in this year's Veteran's Day Parade held in the City of South Bay. In addition to leading the parade, the crews handed out fire safety items to the parade onlookers.

They were in the spare engine, hence the "73B" on the side.

Acreage Fire Festival Pictures
Photos supplied by Tara Cardoso. Posted on November 21st , 2011

Saturday November 5 was the date of the first annual Acreage Fire Festival. Numerous events took place including an extrication demo, fire sprinkler demo, and a live fire demo. Many pieces of apparatus were on display for the public including the Health Care District's Trauma Hawk helicopter. Hundreds of hot dogs and hamburgers were given out along with refreshments and an estimated 2000+ visitors appeared to have a great time. The public relations was invaluable. This joint effort between PBCFR and Local 2928 was a huge success and without question, worth repeating.

Honor Guard
Story and photos submitted by Jack Norris. Posted on November 21st , 2011

This past Saturday many PBCFR firefighters joined their brothers and sisters from Tequesta Fire Rescue to raise money for Honor Flight. The Honor Flight Program provides air and ground transportation to Washington DC for WWII veterans to visit the WWII memorial.

The event was the 1st annual Tequesta Fire Rescue Chili cook off. The cook off featured 10 teams from across South Florida who cooked up 5 gallons of chili and paid a 100.00 entry fee for an opportunity to see who makes the best chili. Members of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue supported 2 entires.

First prize was 500.00 and more importantly a trophy and bragging rights for one year.
The judges rated Pratt & Whitney fire rescue as the best. The team donated their 500.00 purse back to Honor flight but kept the trophy and were already bragging about next year's competition.

Nevertheless everyone involved felt a sense of accomplishment and came away with a good feeling about the event. After all they were there to give support to the men and women who made great sacrifices so long ago to provide us with all the freedoms we enjoy today. Those WWII veterans who have the opportunity to see the memorial are grateful to those people who make the trips possible - people like our firefighters.

Members from Palm Beach County who participated in the cook off -
Larry Willhite, Bob Smallacombe, Tammy Madison, John Harsch and Jack Norris.

WWII Vets Return from Washington D.C.
Story and photos submitted by Capt. Don Delucia, PIO. Posted on November 9th , 2011
Eighty Four veterans of World War Two spent a day (November 5) with eighty three firefighters in Washington, D.C. as part of the Honor Flight project.  They visited the WWII Memorial and the Iwo Jima Memorial as part of their tour.  Seventeen firefighters were from PBCFR.  Over $60,000 was raised by Martin County FIre Rescue to cover the cost of the vet's tickets and expenses.  Firefighter "guardians" covered their own expenses. Pictures here show the welcome home reception they received at PBIA Saturday evening.
Honor Flight Story Presented to the Media
Story and photos submitted by Capt. Don Delucia, PIO. Posted on November 2nd , 2011
A well attended media event was held today at Fire Rescue Headquarters as a precursor to an Honor Flight trip that is occurring this coming weekend (Nov 5). Eighty Four veterans and 83 guardians (escorts) who are all firefighters will be going to Washington D.C. to visit the WWII Memorial as well as the Iwo Jima memorial.  Nine of these vets including Chief Jerauld's father attended today's event as well as their firefighter guardians.  Of the 83 guardians flying up with the vets, all are firefighters.  Seventeen of them work for PBCFR.  Martin County Fire held a boot drive and raised over $60,000 to fund the trip.  Besides PBCFR firefighters, others are coming from Palm Beach Fire, Miami-Dade County Fire, Stuart Fire, Tequesta Fire and Martin County Fire.  All three television networks and the Palm Beach Post attended the event.  Good PR for all firefighters and a good honor recognition for our vets.

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