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Former Palm Beach County Truck OverseasFormer Palm Beach County Truck Overseas
Story by Mark V. Carr, Photo by Dr. James Kus. Posted on April 5th , 2009

As the fleet of most fire departments age, new apparatus are purchased to replace them. What happens to the older rigs is not usually of concern, and is not usually kept track of, except by fire apparatus buffs and historians. Some rigs are sold or donated to smaller departments close by. Others are traded in and purchased by smaller departments where they're often refurbished and given a new life. And quite often, the rigs are sold at auction and used by private owners or shipped abroad.

Such is the case of this 1986 Ford F350/Wheeled Coach unit former rescue truck recently found in Argentina.

Vehicle Accident on US-27Vehicle Accident on US-27
Story and photos by District Chief Curtis Rice. Posted on April 7th , 2009

On Thursday, March 31st, units from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue (PBCFR) and Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office (PBSO) were dispatched to a reported single-vehicle roll-over on US Hwy 27, approximately 10 miles north of South Bay. Construction workers in the area reported that a vehicle rolled over several times with 2 people being ejected.

DC7, BC7 and E74 arrived to find an SUV in the median with heavy damage. Two patients were noted on the ground upon arrival. Command was established and a quick assessment of the patients was completed. With the extent of the injuries, both Trauma Hawk One and Trauma Hawk Two were request to fly. Due to the close proximity to the Hendry County Line, Hendry County MED 108 and the Clewiston Fire Department also arrived on scene.

Patients were treated, immobilized and transported to the landing zone at John Stretch Park. Both patients were airlifted to the regional trauma center.

Units on scene- BC7, DC7, EMS7, E74, R74, E73, R73, TH1, TH2, Hendry County MED 108 and an Engine from The Clewiston Fire Department.

Rush Hour Wreck Snarls Traffic in West Palm BeachRush Hour Wreck Snarls Traffic in West Palm Beach
Story and photos by Captain Mark V. Carr. Posted on March 24th , 2009

Several units from the West Palm Beach Fire Department and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue responded to a rush-hour crash on Okeechobee Blvd. just west of Interstate 95. Initial reports were that 5 or 6 vehicles were involved, one on its roof and smoking.

West Palm Beach's Rescue 6 and Engine 1 were initially dispatched and Palm Beach County's Engine 24 and Rescue 24 were dispatched to what was initially thought to be another crash in the same area. The two calls turned out to be one and the same. Squad 4 and Rescue 4 from West Palm Beach as well as several EMS, Chiefs, and Safety Officers subsequently responded when the intensity of the telephone reports escalated. City and County crews ended up working together to assess and mitigate the incident.

First on the scene was West Palm Beach Squad 4 who reported multiple vehicles with one car rolled over and onto the hood of another. Both the east and west bound lanes of Okeechobee Blvd, a major artery in the center of the county, were cluttered with crashed cars pointed in all directions in the roadway.

There were several walking-wounded victims from the crash as well as a couple that were treated and transported by West Palm Beach Fire Rescue. Most of the victims received only minor injuries and were treated and released at the scene. Amazingly, nobody was trapped or seriously injured.

Fire in Canal PointFire in Canal Point
Story by Lt. Tony Faso R72-C, pictures by PBSO. Posted on March 23rd , 2009

On 3-19-09 at 2317 hours, units from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Station 72 in Pahokee and Station 73 in Belle Glade responded to a residential structure fire in Canal Point. While responding, units were notified that the Palm Beach Sheriff's Deputies were on scene and reporting a house fully involved with the house next to it beginning to burn.

On arrival, station 72's units found a house 75% involved, with flames blowing out the windows on the Bravo, Charlie and Delta sides. The flames were touching the neighbor's house. The Alpha side was showing black, boiling smoke, exiting under extreme pressure. As the first line was being pulled, this angry black smoke lit off, resulting in an fire ball rolling out from the front porch. Captain Paccione on Engine 72 ordered the first line deployed to protect the Bravo exposure, which now had flames rolling over the top of it. A water supply was quickly established by Engine 72 Driver R. Rodriguez and Tender 72 Driver Bud McCarroll. With a positive water supply, the second pre-connect as well as the 2.5" were charged, both as fire attack lines. Although initially short handed, Engine 72 and Rescue 72 crews were able to put all three lines in service until the balance of the alarm arrived. With all 3 lines flowing, the water system in that area was taxed. The closest hydrant could only supply about 400 gpm's.

Because of a quick and aggressive fire attack by the Station 72 crews, the exposure was saved and a family still has a home to live in. The structure suffered very minor damage to the outside "Delta" wall. Unfortunately, the house of origin was a complete loss. The residents in the community gave all PBCFR crews great praise for their quick and aggressive fire attack which resulted in a save for their neighbors home.

Units on scene - E72, R72, T72, B72, E73, E73B, EMS7, DC7, IV.

Local 2928 Recognizes Local News AnchorLocal 2928 Recognizes Local News Anchor
Posted on March 19th , 2009

The Professional Firefighters/Paramedics of Palm Beach County, Local 2928, IAFF, Inc., recognized a WPTV Channel 5 local news anchor, Chandra Bill, for achieving second place in the International Association of Fire Fighters annual "TV News Feature or Documentary Contest."

Ms. Bill has shown support of local efforts to get the State of Florida to recognize cancer as a presumptive disease for Firefighters by creating a series of new stories documenting and bringing attention to the issue. As part of her news series, Ms. Bill documented the trials and tribulations of Palm Beach County Firefighter Guy Roper as he battled the disease.

On more than one occasion, Ms. Bill traveled to Texas to meet with and interview Roper using her own time. Local 2928 showed its support of Ms. Billís efforts to bring attention to this cause by entering the news series into the national contest and later recognizing her for her success in achieving second place with a certificate of achievement and a gift of appreciation.

Sons of the American Revolution Awards RecipientsSons of the American Revolution Awards Recipients
Posted on March 19th , 2009

Three of our employees were honored at an awards ceremony held by the Palm Beach Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution on Tuesday, March 17, 2009. The Sons of the American Revolution is a fraternal organization made up of direct descendants of our country's "Founding Fathers". Their purpose is to maintain those ideals which their descendants fought to instill in our country.

Once a year they hold an awards ceremony to honor those involved in fire safety and law enforcement who have made outstanding accomplishments and/or contributions of the areas of fire safety and law enforcement. This year, the awards ceremony was held at the Sailfish Club in the Town of Palm Beach.

Twelve people were being honored this year: six for law enforcement, and six for fire safety. Out of those six for fire safety, three were from Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue: Fire Safety Specialist John Harsch, EMS Captain Craig Prusansky, and District Chief William Rowley. These three were awarded the medal for their exemplary work in various areas of the fire service.

Also in attendance were the supervisors for these employees: Deputy Chief Randy Sheppard, Division Chief Jim St. Pierre, and Battalion Chief Michael Arena.

Vehicle vs Gas Pump, With FireVehicle vs Gas Pump, With Fire
Story and photos by Captain Jeffrey Teems. Posted on March 17th , 2009

E42, R44, E44, R45, DC4, EMS4 responded to a signal 4 in a Chevron parking lot with gas pumps involved. Found 2 vehicles on fire and a gas pump taken out of the ground. One patient transported ALS to DCH.

Royal Palm Beach Students Say, "I Can" with Station 28Royal Palm Beach Students Say, "I Can" with Station 28
Story and photo by Captain Mark V. Carr. Posted on March 16th , 2009

Concern for humanity is still alive in Royal Palm Beach! Students at Ideal Preschool and Dream Middle School in Royal Palm Beach had a "Heart to Heart" talk with Principal/Co-owner Wendy Soderman, also a teacher at the schools, and learned that they can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate of their own community. Every Friday afternoon, at the end of the school day, the children are given an opportunity to share in the project aptly called "I Can", by the students.

Along with Principal/Co-owners Chris and Wendy Soderman, teachers and parents, the students take a 4-mile walk from their school to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Station 28 and back. With them, the each carry a canned good that they deposit in a bin at the fire station. The firefighters then take the canned goods to local church or civic groups to be dispersed as needed.

Approximately 100 students choose to participate in the weekly journey. To show their excitement for the cause, they've designed their own special t-shirts that identify their mission. They wear the shirts as identification on the trip and as a way to promote their joy of giving.

Wendy Soderman and teacher Joanne Markovich share that the kids' desire is for other schools, churches and groups see what they are doing and join in the cause.

At the fire station, the kids are allowed to help themselves to ice cold water and a shady spot to rest before returning to school. Some even enjoy looking over the fire engine and talking to the firefighters. As an extra reward for participating, the kids get to pick a ticket from a hat for a lucky chance reward. Winning ticket holders are rewarded in a variety of ways such as a dress-down day, being allowed to wear their pajamas to school, and other class privileges.

Children are our future family and community leaders. It's encouraging to see them display such a giving spirit at such young ages. Way to go kids!

Double Drowning in Lake Okeechobee CanalDouble Drowning in Lake Okeechobee Canal
Story and photo by Captain Craig Prusansky. Posted on March 6th , 2009

On Friday, February 27, 2009, crews from Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue Station 73 responded to a report of a boating accident at John Stretch Park near the community of Lake Harbor. A man, his daughter, and his granddaughter were boating when the boat took a sharp turn, causing the three to fall into the water.

A PBSO (Palm Beach County Sheriff Office) Deputy who was close by was able to rescue the 8-year old daughter from the water, but the man and his granddaughter were not able to be rescued and died. Crews from Station 73 deployed Airboat 73 to perform a search of the area. The granddaughter was found later that night by Florida Game and Fish officers, and the man was found the next day by PBSO divers.

The daughter was taken to a local hospital for treatment and is expected to recover. The PBCFR Light and Air unit remained on scene all night to assist the law enforcement officials with the search.

The incident is under investigation by PBSO.

Unit on scene: E73, E73B, AB73, R73, LA24, DC7, EMS7

Rollover Crash with Fire on US 27 in Lake HarborRollover Crash with Fire on US 27 in Lake Harbor
Story and photo by Captain Craig Prusansky. Posted on March 6th , 2009

On Saturday, February 28, 2009, crews from Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue Stations 73 and 74 responded to a report of a rollover car crash with fire near Mile Marker 81 on US Highway 27, near the community of Lake Harbor.

Crews arrived to find a single vehicle on its side, fully engulfed in flames. The occupant of the vehicle was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. The fire was extinguished quickly by the responding crews. The crash had US Highway 27 closed for a couple of hours.

The incident is under investigation by PBSO.

Unit on scene: E74, E73B, R73B, DC7, EMS7

Semi Crash on US 27 Near OkeelantaSemi Crash on US 27 Near Okeelanta
Story and photo by Captain Craig Prusansky. Posted on March 6th , 2009

On Friday, March 6, 2009, at 5:20 am, crews from Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue Stations 73 and 74 responded to a report of a vehicle crash with near the Okeelanta Sugar Mill on US Highway 27 several miles south of South Bay.

Crews arrived to find two semi-trailers that had collided, both having severe damage. The driver of one of the trucks was ejected and had died from his injuries on the scene. The three occupants of the other truck were treated on scene and released.

The incident is under investigation by Palm Beach County Sheriff Office and Florida Highway Patrol.

Unit on scene: E74, E73B, R73B, DC7, EMS7

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