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Wellington Fire in Polo Club Subdivision

Story and photos by Capt Don Delucia
Palm Beach County, Florida
January 24th , 2006

At approximately 1145 AM a fire was reported at 13400 Polo Rd W in Wellington. The resident came home to find smoke and flames coming from her detached garage. An employee at the nearby Players Club ran over and partially extinguished the fire with an extinguisher as our units were arriving. The damage to the garage was minimal. Due to the quick action of the individual with the extinguisher and the 5 minute response time of units from Station 27, the wood frame garage (which was within 15-20 feet of the resuidence) was kept from becoming a good sized bonfire.

Units on scene included: RE27, R27, RE20, EMS2, DC2, and PIO 1.


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