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Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue by Air

Story and photos by Lt. Mark V. Carr
Palm Beach County, Florida
January 19th , 2006

Most of us are quite familiar with the view of a fire station from the street. Often, there's a blinking traffic light on the road in front of the station, sometimes, the chariots of fire are sitting out in the sun shining for all the world to see, and occasionally, we encounter the fire engine screaming from the confines of the station on a mission to save the world. But, it's not often that we notice these homes of the heroes from the air. I was able to do just that recently on a helicopter trip throughout the northern sections of Palm Beach County.

Pictured are several stations from Battalion 8 at Palm Beach Int'l Airport, to Battalions 1 through 3 in the north-central county.


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