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Extrication Training - February 2006

Story by Staff Captain Houston Park, photo by Captain Lenny Collins
Palm Beach County, Florida
February 22nd , 2006

The Training and Safety Division is currently providing extrication training for all personnel and will be a continuing class until most, if not all, employees complete it. The class is being conducted at a salvage yard off Benoist Farms Rd and is the same location where our extrication teams have practiced. Channel 12 shot video footage of one of the classes and ran it multiple times for us. The important thing is for the public to know our training is on going and that we do our best to stay proficient in the art of disassembling vehicles. A statement was also made to put people at ease about how we will handle accidents involving hybrid cars.

The instructors currently teaching the class include: Azzaro, Vince, Cinilia, Dominic, Ellis, Mike, Ferguson, Jon, Manriquez, Federico, Sauicki, Kevin, Tugby, Robert, Turner,Aron and Williams, Charles P.


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