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USAR team 756 Trains in Extrication Procedures

Story by Staff Captain Houston Park, photo by Captain Lenny Collins
Palm Beach County, Florida
January 30th , 2006

Earlier this month USAR team 756 was training in extrication procedures at the recycle facility of off Pike road. The team members participated in a forty-hour class involving various techniques for gaining patient access, scene safety, and technical operations. While training they went through 1.2 cars per person. Rescue Training Associates delivered the training as they have also delivered the other three disciplines, Trench Rescue, Rope Rescue and Confined Space Operations. RTA will deliver the final class next month to the team, which is Collapse Rescue Operations. Upon completion of this training our USAR team will have met the standards for the state as a fully trained USAR Light Technical Rescue Team, Type II response team.

We are one of three teams in the County, Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach are the others.


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