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Fire-Rescue Lieutenants Get Aircraft Rescue Training

Story and photos by Lt. Mark Carr
Palm Beach County, Florida
January 18th , 2006

Aircraft rescue firefighting is a specialized field that most passengers of the nation's airlines rarely think about. Unfortunately, however, calls for assistance by airport firefighters do occur and the crews of Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue's Station 81 at Palm Beach Int'l Airport stand ready to serve at a moment's notice.

Recently, two Fire-Rescue lieutenants attended Aircraft Rescue Fire-Fighting (ARFF) training at Texas A&M University's Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) Fire Academy in College Station, Texas. Although the weather was much colder than Florida firefighters are accustomed to working in, Lieutenants Jose Gonzalez and Mark Carr, were able to experience the unique situations involved with fuel fires, aircraft crashes and rescues. Live fire scenarios, as well as classroom sessions prepared the students for operations in and around airports as well as dealing with the complexities of an incident of such magnitudes.


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