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Training at Station 28Training at Station 28
Story and Photos by Battalion Chief Nigel Baker. Posted on April 26th , 2006

During the week of April 24, 2006 units from Battalion 2 participated in department fire training on the new Draeger BA Comm devices, SCBA familiarization, Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC), and rescueing a downed Firefighter.

Thanks go to Instructor Krissy Phillips, James Schaffner, and the Training Division for providing the framework and scenarios for this excellent training.

Appreciation DinnerAppreciation Dinner
Story and Photos by: Battalion Chief Nigel Baker. Posted on April 26th , 2006

Dottie & Mike Esposito of Royal Palm Beach provided dinner for all 3 shifts on April 5,6,7, 2006 @ 1800hrs at Station 28. The Esposito's son (FF Frankie Esposito) and nephew (Captain Michael Esposito) worked for FDNY and died at the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001. This was their way of showing their appreciation to the firefighters who cover the area in which they live.

A plaque in honor of their son and nephew is on the wall, in the day room, at Station 28. We thank them for their generosity and understand their supreme sacrifice.

Fire Rescue Hosts Childrens PartyFire Rescue Hosts Childrens Party
Story and Photos by Captain Don Delucia. Posted on April 26th , 2006

On Thursday April 20, Station 34 hosted a party for approximately 15 children who were patients at St. Marys Hospital P ediatric Oncology Department. These youngsters ranged in age from 5 to mid-teens and all are currently being treated for various forms of cancer. The hospital sponsored the party and requested our assistance so that these children could take a break from their sometimes-difficult treatments and visit a fire station, talk to firemen and actually hold a fire hose and squirt water. The representative from St. Marys Hospital who accompanied the group told the media who attended that these were brave kids that wanted to visit with brave adults.

Chief Brice addressed the visitors and their parents and they all enjoyed cake, soda and a tour of the stations apparatus. A good time was had by all who attended, including the Fire Rescue crews who were there to assist.

Elderly Man Drives into CanalElderly Man Drives into Canal
Story and Photos by Battalion Chief Wells. Posted on April 26th , 2006

On April 21; R42, RE 42, DC4 and BC4 arrived to find an elderly man standing on the canal bank in Delray Villas after driving his car backward into the neighborhood canal. The canal had been deepen to 12 feet last week.

Fortunately for the gentleman, the car's momentum caused the car to drift to the opposite side of the canal prior to sinking.

Western Communities Become Part of PBCFRWestern Communities Become Part of PBCFR
Story and Photos by Captain Houston Park. Posted on April 25th , 2006

October 1st, 2006 the Western communities will become one and part of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. Training has already begun, as they have just completed the 24- hours of "First Responder Operations" (HAZMAT Operations) training and basic water rescue training.

Pictured below firefighters from South Bay, Pahokee and Belle Glades participate in water rescue training. The training will continue over the next few months as October will be here soon.

Story and Photos by Drew Reyburn. Posted on April 24th , 2006

April 18th 2006- Approximately 8:15pm, crews, homeowners and bystanders heard a loud explosion up to 5 miles away from a house that had exploded due to the possibility of the homeowner building fireworks for the upcoming 4th of July. Crews from P.B.C.F.R Stations 46, 32, 35, 31, 43 and 36 responded to several 911 calls of a loud explosion to find a large shed fully involved and approx 50' radius of fire around the shed where debris landed and caught two vehicles, a boat and the yard on fire. RE31 was second due and assisted RE46 crews with extinguishment and once the fire was out, RE31 crew paired back up with the rest of Station 31's crews and went from firefighting to an E.O.D. assist with the P.B.S.O. Bomb Squad.

Mobile Home Fire on Avendia BarcelonaMobile Home Fire on Avendia Barcelona
Story by Bill Capel. Posted on April 25th , 2006

On April 3, around 3:30 am, units responded to a mobile home fire at 2466 Avendia Barcelona. When they arrived they found a single- wide trailer involved in heavy fire. RE36 made an aggressive interior attack and were able to save half of the home.

Units on scene consisted of RE36, RE33, R33, DC9, EMS3, T43 and IV4.

Jupiter Brush FireJupiter Brush Fire
Story and Photos by Captain Houston Park. Posted on April 13th , 2006

Friday April 7th Jupiters parched land became involved in a large brush fire. The fire started in the Cypress Cove area and burned in a north to North West direction. The fire was fed with plenty of fuel and strong winds out of the South East. The fire threatened many homes in the Cypress Cove and Moorings neighborhoods but was controlled as a result of the aggressive fire attack of the crews and the Command of Battalion Chief St.Pierre.

Three divisions were established during the fire and they were supported by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, Martin County Fire Rescue, Department of Forestry, and Jonathan Dickinson State Park wildland firefighters. DOF sent one airplane from Miami that provided aerial support with invaluable information on spotovers and fire spread.

The fire at one point covered approximately 200 acres. No structures were damaged, nor were any injuries reported. All of the personnel that responded are to be commended for their actions on this large brush fire.

School Bus IncidentSchool Bus Incident
Story and Photos by Captain Don Delucia. Posted on April 11th , 2006

Around 9 AM on Monday April 10, dispatch received a call stating that a school bus with 68 students aboard had a pepper spray incident. Apparently a pepper spray canister discharged on the bus causing considerable irritation to a number of students.    The bus driver immediately pulled over and evacuated the bus. In all, 8 patients were sent to area hospitals. The school district police were investigating.

Units on scene included R32, RE27, DC9, R25, EMS2, PI1 and BC2.

Multiple Semi-Truck Accident on US-27Multiple Semi-Truck Accident on US-27
Story and Photos by Moss Towing via Drew Rayburn. Posted on April 10th , 2006

March 7th 2006 - Crews from Station 31 traveled approx. 1 hour west to assist Belle Glade and South Bay Fire Departments in a 13 vehicle accident mostly involving semi trucks which possibly was caused by heavy dense fog to free a semi truck driver that was pinned in his truck by the guard rail. Due to the drivers arm being pinned by the guard rail and his extensive injuries, a trauma surgeon and nurse were flown from Delray Hospital for a possible arm amputation to free him from the wreckage.

After several hours of extrication, the driver was flown to Delray Medical Center to be treated for his injuries and then later released several days later with all his extremities.

Special Operations Team Practices Tower RescueSpecial Operations Team Practices Tower Rescue
Story and Photos by Drew Reyburn. Posted on April 5th , 2006

Special Operations 31 B-shift recently did a training session on the radio tower at Station 21 on March 22nd, 2006. Crews were there for 6 hours practicing different rescue techniques for a victim on the radio tower.

Photos give only a hint as to what it was like training on the tower.

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