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Palm Beach County Fire Rescue
Existing Inspections Section
405 Pike Road
West Palm Beach, FL

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Phone: 5616167030
Fax: 5616167082
E-Mail: psummers@pbcgov.org
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Palm Beach County Fire Rescue's Existing Inspection team conducts fire safety inspections to comply with the PDF Document Icon Palm Beach County Fire Code . A business owner can expect to have a fire safety inspection at least once a year. Our main focus when performing these inspections is safety. This includes the safety of the owner, employees, customers, and firefighters in the case of a fire or emergency in the facility.

Our mission is to apply the fire code in a uniform manner to give the public a reasonable expectation of fire safety in the commercial buildings we inspect.Some of the things we look for during an inspection may include (but are not limited to):

  • improper electrical wiring,
  • improper storage of flammable materials, and
  • extensive use (overuse) of extension cords.

Also, during our inspections we check for adequate and clear exiting, available fire extinguishing equipment that is mounted properly and up to date.

If during our fire inspections we note any fire code violations, the business or building owner will be given written notice and an adequate correction period.

Our inspectors also look for properly displayed addresses.During an emergency situation, having the address or suite clearly marked can help our firefighters and paramedics respond in a timely manner.

Here are some things that you may want to check on throughout the year to help maintain an appropriate level of fire safety:

  1. Are your exits unlocked and free of obstructions?
  2. Have your fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems been inspected by licensed contractors?
  3. Do you have any electrical wiring that is exposed or electrical boxes that are not covered properly?
  4. Are you using any extension cords instead of having additional electrical outlets installed?
  5. Are there any flammable liquids used in your facility?Are they in an approved container and/or cabinet?
  6. Do you have combustibles stored too close to gas appliances or an electrical water heater?
  7. Are you emergency lights and exit signs visible and in proper working order?
  8. Do you have an address clearly marked in daylight and at night?Do your numbers face the road?